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When I turned 65 a couple of years ago I thought that I could continue my corporate health insurance as I had since I retired from my former company.  Wow, I was in for a big surprise, everything would drastically change.  I had no idea how convoluted health insurance would become for me at age 65.  I had to put on my researchers cap and do an awful lot of homework. Since that time I decided to start a new career & give back and help others in navigating the Medicare maze.

A brief bio:

I had a successful background as a sales and marketing executive with CIBA Vision (a Novartis medical device company) where for over 20 years I was responsible for $254 million in annual sales revenue working with independent small and midsize businesses

One of my notable achievements occurred when I recognized the emerging internet as a perfect marketing vehicle for my channel by creating the company’s first web site which included the first internet ‘Doctor-Finder’ Database in the vision care industry. At the time, the promotion resulted in over $1 million in incremental sales.

I have been engaged in boutique consulting focusing on business and ideation development strategies which include: branding, B2B, marketing, and sales channels. I have been involved in the local start-up community, and crowd funding. I am also a Marketing Domain Expert at Connect

George Skaljac
Independent Insurance Agent
CA Lic #0L95718

  • San Diego, CA 92128, USA
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