Here's how I can help you decide for yourself what Medicare Plan best for you:

First:  I am a Sales Professional with over 40 years of sales experience.  Let me tell you why that's important.  It's important to you because I know all the right questions to ask you to get you the best insurance policy for you.  I'm not going to sell you a policy that you don't need or can't afford, or a policy that earns me a higher commission.  And, if I can't find you what's right for you, then we'll just leave as friends.  Okay...

Second:  I don't work for any insurance company where I would be limited to selling only the plans of that company.  

Third:  I sell the same plans as the branded insurance carriers. There is no difference in the plans I sell versus the plans sold directly by the insurance companies.  I represent over 20 insurance carriers with dozens & dozens of plans.

Fourth:  There is no cost for my services.  If you should happen to purchase a plan through me the insurance company pays me a commission.  The cost for a plan is the same whether or not you purchase the plan from me or direct from the insurance company.

Fifth:  And, if I can't help you, I will gladly refer you to someone that can help you.